Masada & The Dead Sea

Starting our day visiting Masada (meaning fortress in Hebrew) surrounded on all sides by the Judean desert whose beauty is described as a lunar landscape. We will take a cable car ride and ascend Masada where we walk amongst the ruins of the great fort built by King Herod and hear the dramatic and heroic story. Jewish rebels took over Masada at the beginning of the revolt against the Romans, when they were surrounded by the roman army, history says the rebels made a pact to end their lives rather than become slaves to cruel roman masters.The summit of Masada sits 60m above sea level and about 475m above the level of the Dead Sea surrounded on all sides by deep canyons and ravines, overlooking the Dead Sea and cut off from civilization by the beautiful and mysterious Judean desert.

Masada’s ruins have been fully restored to their full glory and today it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Descending by cable car we will continue to the Dead Sea one of the world’s true natural wonders currently in the running as one of the worlds “New natural wonders”.

Floating in the Dead Sea, thanks to its unique natural elements, is a must when visiting Israel and is one of our most popular destinations. This small body of water lies at the lowest location on Earth 400 Meters below sea level. Today doctors often prescribe a visit to the Dead Sea for patients with skin ailments and breathing problems. Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra were said to be great fans of the Dead Sea in the past.

Come and enjoy the rich mineral mud and use the spa facilities. Relax, chill out and have a float in the salty Dead Sea, guaranteed to work wonders on the body and soul!!

Maybe it’s a good idea to visit the Dead Sea now as “Friends of the Earth” organization predict that in less than 50 years the sea will have evaporated completely!

The above tour is our suggested tour, below are some other sites of interest which can also be visited or combined with the Masada tour.

Qumran – Site of the excavated Dead Sea Scrolls.

Kibbutz Ein Gedi – Visit the Botanical Gardens and Kibbutz.

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve & ancient synagogue - Fresh water springs, wildlife and Ein Gedi synagogue with its beautiful mosaic floor.

Abseiling / rappelling - Activities in the deep gorge of the Judean Desert.



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